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James Kennedy


Magician, Tour Guide, Hypnotist, Author, Speaker, Inventor, Offline Product Creator Serial Entrepreneur and now Newbie Online lifestyle seeker.

Here are the Software & Courses I'm using right now in my own business!

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Create your website in minutes!

This is the first thing I can truly put my name to as it's the exact course I'm using myself to generate my first income online. Jono Armstrong is a complete gentleman and is so down to earth with no fluff. He tells you exactly what to do and the support I have received so far has been excellent.  This not a get rich quick scheme but Jono will show you how to start making $100 a day for Free in the course that can consistently be grown with repetition and other techniques in the full course. The $100 a day method is given to you just for watching the webinar.

This gets a 5 star review from me and if you join the course through my link below. I will personally help you with a Free 30 minute business coaching session on any subject from motivation to recommendations either through Zoom or Skype. 
 Check Out
The Ministry Of Freedom

The Easiest Website Builder I have Ever Used by far!

Groovepages is just simply a breath of fresh air when it comes to drag & drop web builder software.
At the time of print I have a link that will get you the groovepages lite package absolutely free of charge with no credit card details or any jumping through hoops involved. This website has been built on groovepages and I can't say anything other than good things about it. click the link below before this deal is gone and it's back to $99 per month.
Click Here For FREE GroovePages

What is The Mastermind Circle?

Simply my one stop platform for all your training & marketing needs for new & small businesses.

Is this for me???

The answer is probably yes & the reason I say that is you are probably sitting in a position I was in before I launched this program. You are probably lost looking for a business idea to make money or you are someone who has skills and does not have enough customers.

I'm guessing if you are the latter you don't have a big budget to pay SEO experts or marketers to run your facebook or google ad campaigns either?

The good thing is The Mastermind Circle is a place where you can learn all the skills you need as well as a place that you can network with fellow entrepreneurs and barter or offer discounts to each other along the way. 

What if I don't have a business yet?

Dont worry we have you covered too! not only will you still have access to all the areas of learning to promote your business but you have access to side hustles that is online & offline ways to make money part-time or if you wish to run them full-time for more income. 

For more information visit