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James Kennedy


Magician, Tour Guide, Hypnotist, Author, Speaker, Inventor, Offline Product Creator Serial Entrepreneur and now Newbie Online lifestyle seeker.

Here are the services that I offer my clients 

With my wealth of knowledge in many fields I have my skills lend themselves to coaching other likeminded entrepreneurs & others with the day to day challenges they face in their business and personal life.

One 2 One Coaching Sessions

Everyone has the potential for greatness, sometimes the challenge is believing that in yourself!

With my coaching style you can be sure of a fun immersive  experience that with be different on how you have ever looked at your challenges before and the questions that will be asked will elicit a breakthrough to your next steps going forward!

Not Sure?

Put me to the test book a 30 minute session for FREE on me. 

Their will be no sales pitches only a 30 minute experiential session. If you love book more time or another session if it's not for you we have both only spent 30 minutes of our time.

Get in touch now to book your session!

The most affordable and modern way to grow your business online today!

The Mastermind Circle is a new and innovative way to grow your business networking with other business people in your area or if you offer your services worldwide you can reach out our worldwide members at no extra charge!

We have a weekly Mastermind session online via Zoom. All calls are recorded and we work as a united consciousness to trouble shoot challenges our fellow members are facing. This just one of the things membership gets you! 

Here is a list of just some of the others, Educational training courses on SEO, Marketing & other Business skills. For more information on everything visit the link below you get this all for only $97 per month.

(Cancel anytime no set membership period)

Mastermind Circle

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